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    Let's Get Ready to Party!

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Small Wine Glasses Arrived by post the next day, a day earlier than originally estimated. The glasses are a simple design, lovely crystal look...
Prompt delivery. Very pleased with the glasses.
These look just like glass, we are really pleased. And they turned up exactly when needed, on the opening night of our theatre show.
Excellent service. Stacking wine glasses are exactly as described and good quality. Very promptly dispatched. Perfect for camping.
Brilliant for parties, no broken glasses and reusable!
Highly delighted with my set of glasses. They look good and feel good. Hard to tell they are not real glass. My order arrived well within the...
25 June 2015
The are great for using in the garden or camping. Look nice and are nice to drink from.
22 June 2015
Faultless service - Thank you
3 June 2015
Just what we where looking for
19 May 2015
Excellent out door glasses
18 May 2015
Stacking polycarbonate glasses for camping

Just because you’re camping, there’s no need to stint on style.

With unbreakable polycarbonate glasses, you can enjoy all your favourite tipples in elegant unbreakable glasses that don’t take up space and don’t need to be handled with care.

Polycarbonate glasses are perfect for glamping

Polycarbonate glasses look like real glass. You won’t notice the difference, except when you drop one on the ground and find it doesn’t break.

Polycarbonate glasses are ideal for all outdoor activities because they’re virtually unbreakable. You can use them on the beach, by the pool, or picnicking in your tent or caravan.

They’re perfect for grown-ups who want to enjoy their favourite drink in style and handy for children as they offer high levels of safety. With polycarbonate, there’s no risk of cuts from broken glass.

The beauty of our stackable polycarbonate glasses is that they take up hardly any space. With no risk of breakage, you don’t need to treat them like fragile glass – you can throw them into any bag or rucksack or even straight into the boot of the car.

What’s your tipple?

For wine drinkers, our reusable polycarbonate stacking wine glass set can be stored in restricted spaces. A three-glass stack height is only 21cm, making it simple to tuck them away in any available place.

For champagne and prosecco lovers, our champagne flutes have all the glamour of glass but are as tough as they are elegant.

If you like a pint, our stackable straight pint beer glass set lets you enjoy a full pint of beer or lager with your mates without worrying about lots of big glasses taking up space. Or, if you prefer a half pint, we also offer a half pint stacking straight glass set.

If whisky is your tipple, this versatile stacking whisky glass set can also double as juice tumblers for the kids.

And for the ultimate in multi-tasking, this unbreakable polycarbonate reusable 1.7 Litre jug with lid comes with four stacking glasses inside. You can use it for wine, punch or children’s juice or squash.

Your morning cuppa without the crockery

Polycarbonate glasses aren’t just for cold drinks. We also have clear polycarbonate tea/coffee cups or latte cups for your morning or afternoon cuppa. Why risk breaking crockery when you can have your favourite brew in one of our cups?

Like all glasses, these tea and coffee cups are virtually unbreakable, so they don’t need any careful packing. You can simply store them in the car with all the other camping gear or put them in the cupboard of a caravan or motorhome.

Simple to clean without a dishwasher

All our glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe. They’re also easy to clean by hand and don’t need any special treatment.

A quick rinse in water with your regular washing-up liquid, and they’ll be as good as new. Our polycarbonate plastic glasses stay flawless and sparkling with minimal care.

Camp in style with our virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glasses

Virtually Glass is a specialist supplier of polycarbonate glasses. We supply high-quality polycarbonate glasses from leading manufacturers at competitive prices.

We offer a stylish range of polycarbonate glasses to suit all occasions, including wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, tumblers and cocktail glasses in different shapes and sizes.

To find out more, call us on 07432 672377 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.