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  • Let's Get Ready to Party!

    Let's Get Ready to Party!

    Why be boring when you can be bright? The party season is nearly here, and it’s time to bring some colour and sparkle to your table.


Small Wine Glasses Arrived by post the next day, a day earlier than originally estimated. The glasses are a simple design, lovely crystal look...
Prompt delivery. Very pleased with the glasses.
These look just like glass, we are really pleased. And they turned up exactly when needed, on the opening night of our theatre show.
Excellent service. Stacking wine glasses are exactly as described and good quality. Very promptly dispatched. Perfect for camping.
Brilliant for parties, no broken glasses and reusable!
Highly delighted with my set of glasses. They look good and feel good. Hard to tell they are not real glass. My order arrived well within the...
25 June 2015
The are great for using in the garden or camping. Look nice and are nice to drink from.
22 June 2015
Faultless service - Thank you
3 June 2015
Just what we where looking for
19 May 2015
Excellent out door glasses
18 May 2015
Unbreakable glasses for Easter fun

Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses are perfect for Easter fun, and we have a fantastic coloured range that will brighten your table.

But why choose polycarbonate glasses? Because they’re unbreakable, functional, and stylish. Our polycarbonate glasses have a high transparency to visible light and give better light transmission than other kinds of glass.

In fact, you won’t notice the difference until you drop one on the ground. With no risk of shattering, you can let your kids run around the garden with them, safe in the knowledge that they won’t come to any harm from broken glass.

Organise a safe Easter egg hunt

You can use our polycarbonate tumblers to collect eggs. Or hide them around the garden to conceal chocolate treats.

Coloured tumblers are ideal for creating a special Easter egg hunt. Rather than having a free-for-all, which can lead to arguments, organise a colour themed hunt. Each child is assigned their own colour and has to search for coloured eggs hidden in tumblers of the same colour.

Our Roltex Colourful Polycarbonate Plastic Tumbler Set provides six virtually unbreakable and stackable tough tumblers that are ideal for children’s activities as they’re safe and damage-proof.

Fun indoor and outdoor games with coloured tumblers

As well as Easter egg hunts, unbreakable polycarbonate plastic tumblers are ideal for other indoor and outdoor games.

You can place a tumbler on its side on the floor and use it for putting golf balls into. Or tumblers can be used as throwers and catchers in a game of tossing pom-poms or ping-pong balls into the cup.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can create a mini-golf course or bowling alley using plastic glasses. Use polycarbonate champagne flutes for the pin, while tumblers can be inset into the ground to form the hole.

Or simply set up a formation of polycarbonate glasses to create a bowling game, using a tennis ball to knock them down.

Decorate your Easter table

Of course, these unbreakable glasses can be used more conventionally for drinking out of!

Spring is in the air, which means longer days and vibrant colours. To brighten your Easter table, decorate it with fresh-cut flowers and colourful polycarbonate glasses.

Celebrate the occasion by serving champagne or prosecco in six multicoloured champagne glasses in gold, silver, red, blue, black and white. Or be bold with large wine glasses in solid bright red or red, white and blue for a stunning display.

You can use these large, bright glasses as oversized egg cups. Why not place a chocolate egg in each person’s glass so that they can take it home with them?

Cleaning up is made easy

The real beauty of polycarbonate plastic products is that at the end of the day, they can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Then you simply stack and store them with none of the precautions needed for glass. This means they take up far less space. Stack them in the cupboard or throw them in a box and hide them away until your next party.

Bring colour and fun to your Easter events with polycarbonate glasses

Virtually Glass is a specialist supplier of polycarbonate glasses. We supply high-quality polycarbonate glasses from leading manufacturers at competitive prices.

We offer a stylish range of polycarbonate glasses to suit all occasions, including wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, tumblers and cocktail glasses in different shapes and sizes.

To find out more, call us on 07432 672377 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.