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Small Wine Glasses Arrived by post the next day, a day earlier than originally estimated. The glasses are a simple design, lovely crystal look...
Prompt delivery. Very pleased with the glasses.
These look just like glass, we are really pleased. And they turned up exactly when needed, on the opening night of our theatre show.
Excellent service. Stacking wine glasses are exactly as described and good quality. Very promptly dispatched. Perfect for camping.
Brilliant for parties, no broken glasses and reusable!
Highly delighted with my set of glasses. They look good and feel good. Hard to tell they are not real glass. My order arrived well within the...
25 June 2015
The are great for using in the garden or camping. Look nice and are nice to drink from.
22 June 2015
Faultless service - Thank you
3 June 2015
Just what we where looking for
19 May 2015
Excellent out door glasses
18 May 2015

Polycarbonate Glasses For Camping At Festivals

Are you heading to a festival over the summer? The glitter, the live music, the smell of frying food and the late-night chats around a campfire. At Virtually Glass we’re passionate about ensuring you have the best possible glasses for drinking in style. Our polycarbonate glasses for camping are ideal for your family’s setup or for your group of friends to enjoy each drink in a reusable cup.

Dragging the tent, camping chairs and more to the festival is the toughest part of the weekend, barring a tent malfunction, and you will be looking forward to sipping on a cider or beer in the aforementioned camping chair. To bring a little slice of home comforts to the festival without the danger of smashing glass over the floor, it pays to choose our polycarbonate glasses for camping.

What makes our polycarbonate glasses for camping almost indestructible?

It’ll only take a glance at the video on our website to see the true strengths of our camping polycarbonate glasses. They are able to withstand dropping, being stepped on and everything else that a weekend camping trip at a festival can throw at it.

The polycarbonate makeup of our glasses ensures that you can simply wash, dry and use them again. All you need to do is remember them again for next year’s trip to Reading, Glastonbury or Isle of Wight Festival.

Get in contact to find out more about our polycarbonate glasses for camping.